AUGUST 18, 2023  (2:01 PM)

A big rumor involving the New Jersey Devils and Josh Anderson has been confirmed by Arpon Basu

In a recent column on the website The Athletic, the outstanding Arpon Basu confirmed a major rumor that had been buzzing a few days before the 2023 trade deadline. Indeed, according to his information, the New Jersey Devils did indeed show interest in the Canadiens' forward, wishing to acquire him this season.

"I know the New Jersey Devils showed interest in Anderson last season, and I don't know if that's changed with the acquisition of Timo Meier, but they can serve as an example of how a trade involving Josh Anderson might work." - Arpon Basu

Considering that the New Jersey Devils have a lineup that can cause serious damage in the playoffs this year, it's plausible to believe that Tom Fitzgerald might be interested in contacting Kent Hughes during the regular season to negotiate a trade involving the 29-year-old right winger.

After all, Josh Anderson advocates a style of play that fits perfectly with playoff hockey. His intensity, his ability to deliver solid hits, and his knack for finding the back of the net would make him a prime asset for a team aiming to grab the coveted trophy.

Furthermore, based on the information divulged by Arpon Basu, the Devils' general manager would be willing to part with young prospects who don't fit their competitive window. A forward like Alexander Holtz, picked 7th overall in the 2020 draft, could be a very intriguing target for the Habs.

The Swedish forward hasn't yet secured a full-time spot in the NHL, playing only 28 games in the NHL over the past two seasons. However, in a rebuilding organization like the Canadiens, he would represent a solid addition to the team's future. Indeed, the 21-year-old has promising potential, having scored 31 goals and 30 assists (61 points) in his last 66 AHL games.

On the other hand, Josh Anderson, standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing 220 pounds, is a power forward who could fill a significant need on the Devils' top three lines. The number 17 for the Habs notably scored 32 points over the past two years, reaching the 20-goal mark in 2022-2023.

If you were in Kent Hughes' shoes, would you trade Josh Anderson and a third-round pick to get your hands on Alexander Holtz?

Credit : Habs et LNH