MAY 22, 2023  (1:27 PM)

A monster trade proposal involving the Canadiens and the Coyotes has just surfaced and it's causing quite a stir

As the draft approaches, numerous trade proposals involving the Canadiens are surfacing on social media.

While these are merely fan suggestions, it's always intriguing to explore these scenarios to see if the Habs could improve their lineup by making such a move.

The Twitter account Hockey Night In Montreal has proposed a blockbuster deal between the Montreal Canadiens and Arizona Coyotes' forward, Clayton Keller.

Here's the proposed trade deal:

The Montreal Canadiens would receive:
- Clayton Keller
- The 12th overall pick

The Arizona Coyotes would receive:
- Josh Anderson
- The 5th overall pick
- A second-round pick

According to the numerous responses received in the poll, 48% of respondents felt that Kent Hughes would be on the losing end if this trade went through.

However, the Canadiens would immediately add a top-tier forward to their top-6.

For a few years now, the Habs have been seeking players who can consistently contribute offensively, and there's no doubt that Clayton Keller could do just that. The 24-year-old forward just wrapped up the last season with an impressive haul of 37 goals and 49 assists.

It's hard to say at this stage if Kent Hughes would win this trade, but one thing is certain, he would add an impact player who could significantly help the Canadiens' offense, starting as soon as next year.

On our end, we would consider making this trade just before our selection at the upcoming draft. In the scenario where Matvei Michkov is the only player left from the renowned top-5 and the Canadiens do not intend to draft him, this trade would become very intriguing. Instead of selecting Dalibor Dvorsky, Ryan Leonard, or even David Reinbacher, the Habs could secure Clayton Keller and a very promising prospect such as Zach Benson, Gabriel Perreault, or Matthew Wood.