MAY 21, 2023  (1:02 PM)

A very interesting transaction proposal is being raised, which is causing a reaction between the Canadiens and the Penguins

Of course, with the approach of the famous draft day, there will be more and more trade proposals surfacing, whether to improve or not the future of the Montreal Canadiens.

We report this information purely for the pleasure of debating and discussing trade proposals that stir up conversations, for our entertainment.

Here's the one that was proposed by our colleagues at Habs et LNH ,which could become a major move for the Canadiens organization:

To Montreal
- Penguins' 14th overall pick

To Pittsburgh
- Panthers' 1st round pick (likely between #30 and #32)
- Joel Edmundson

Taking into account that the 29-year-old veteran defenseman is likely to be on the market this summer and considering that the Penguins have shown interest in him during the season, this proposal could make sense for both teams.

On one hand, by acquiring the 14th selection in the draft, the CH can get their hands on a high-level talent, much more than with the late first-round pick that the Panthers' pick will become.

On the other hand, the Canadiens need to add top-end talent to their organization. Considering names like Zach Benson, Gabe Perreault, Matthew Wood, Brayden Yager, Oliver Moore, and Eduard Sale could be available around the 14th overall pick, it presents a great opportunity for the club, and it would only cost Edmundson to make it happen.

All of these are definitely young players who have the potential to play in a top-6 role in the NHL one day.

Would you make this trade on draft day?