MAY 13, 2023  (10:58)

An expert indicated where Matvei Michkov would emerge in the past 13 drafts, and it's astonishing

During a recent episode of Tony Marinaro's popular podcast, an prospects expert named Kyle Woodlief made an appearance to discuss the upcoming draft.

For those unfamiliar with Woodlief, he is a former NHL scout who currently leads Red Line Report, a respected resource used by several teams regarding prospects.

What caught attention, considering the current situation of the Canadiens and their 5th overall pick in the upcoming draft, is when Woodlief talked about Matvei Michkov's profile.

After praising his potential, Woodlief pointed out something absolutely sensational about Michkov, determining where the Russian forward would rank among the past 13 drafts.

"If we go back in time, during the past 13 drafts, Matvei Michkov would be the first overall pick in at least 11 of them, except for those that featured McDavid and Bedard," said Kyle Woodlief.

Wow! So basically, it would only be in 2015 and 2023 that Michkov wouldn't go first overall, due to the two generational talents of McDavid and soon-to-be Bedard.

This means that, according to this expert, Michkov would have been considered better than Nathan MacKinnon in 2013 and Auston Matthews in 2016.

Woodlief concludes by mentioning that Michkov himself has generational potential and would be a significant addition to any team that dares to select him.

"We are not talking about a consolation prize here."

After hearing such remarks, would you like to see such potential land in Montreal?