MAY 13, 2023  (10:02)

Catastrophic development for the future of the Canadiens

The Montreal Canadiens received some very bad news last night, as the Florida Panthers eliminated the Toronto Maple Leafs in the second round.

With this victory, the Panthers have played a cruel trick on the Canadiens, as their first-round draft pick has just dropped from the 17th to at least the 29th position. This is therefore a monstrous drop of 12 positions.

There is a huge difference between mid-draft prospects and those among the last four in the first round.

In the event that the Panthers were to be eliminated by the Carolina Hurricanes during the Eastern Conference Finals, this pick would be locked in at the 29th position. However, should Florida spring another surprise, the Canadiens will have to settle for the 31st or 32nd draft position, depending on the team that wins the Stanley Cup.

The Panthers have become a true nightmare for Kent Hughes and the Canadiens, as the team simply does not want to end their season.

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