MAY 12, 2023  (2:04 PM)

Completely crazy trade proposal between the Canadiens and the Blackhawks to bring Connor Bedard to Montreal

Now that we know Connor Bedard's next destination, many people have come forward with the elements that a team should include in order to acquire the services of the young Canadian prodigy.

NHL Trade Rumors, has even launched a monster trade proposal between the Montreal Canadiens and the Chicago Blackhawks. Of course, there's absolutely no chance such a transaction would happen, but it's still very entertaining to play along.

Here's the trade proposal in question:
The Canadiens receive:

The first pick in the next draft (Connor Bedard)
The Blackhawks receive:

The fifth pick in the draft
The Florida Panthers' first-round pick
A first-round pick in 2024
Juraj Slafkovsky
Owen Beck

Wow! This would probably be one of the biggest transactions in the entire history of the NHL!

What would you do if you were in Kent Hughes' position?

The Canadiens would possibly give up five very good players, but at the same time, a player with generational talent like Connor Bedard is simply priceless.

Credit : Habs et LNH