MAY 8, 2023  (3:44 PM)

Connor Bedard Lottery: A video raises doubts about the NHL's integrity regarding the 2023 draft

The famous draft lottery will take place in a few hours, and we will finally find out which team will get their hands on the phenomenon, Connor Bedard.

There is no doubt that the team that acquires him will add a generational talent to their roster, as he is already perceived by many experts as one of the next jewels in the NHL.

We strongly hope that the Tricolore can win the lottery, as the addition of Connor Bedard would completely change the face of the organization.

However, a video showing Gary Bettman's reaction when the Canadiens won the lottery last year has resurfaced on social media. The NHL Commissioner did not seem very happy to see the Blue-White-Red get their hands on the first draft pick.

These images are quite concerning!

A worrying poll circulated on social media last week, revealing that 44% of NHL fans believe the Bedard lottery will be rigged by Gary Bettman.

Let's just say that if the Coyotes win the lottery, there might be a lot of speculation about its authenticity. Acquiring a talented player like Connor Bedard could possibly be the only way to save the franchise in Arizona.

Credit: Habs et LNH