MAY 4, 2023  (8:08 PM)

Connor Bedard lottery : The Canadiens ranks first among teams where there would be the most excitement

The Connor Bedard lottery is fast approaching, and many fans are already creating scenarios about the possibility of seeing their team win the first overall pick.

The website DailyFaceoff published a highly entertaining ranking highlighting the cities that would create extreme chaos if their team won the lottery.

Without a doubt, the Montreal Canadiens rank first in this interesting list.

The arrival of Connor Bedard in Montreal would create a turmoil among the Tricolore's fans.

Here is the ranking established by Matt Larkin :

10. San Jose Sharks

9. Anaheim Ducks

8. Detroit Red Wings

7. Chicago Blackhawks

6. Philadelphia Flyers

5. Arizona Coyotes

4. Washington Capitals

3. St. Louis Blues

2. Vancouver Canucks

1. Montreal Canadiens

Until then, we can only remain patient and continue to speculate about the future destination of this generational player.

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Credit : Habs et LNH