MAY 7, 2023  (2:50 PM)

Controversial decision by the NHL that clearly does not please Leafs fans

A few hours before game #3 between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Florida Panthers, the NHL made a controversial announcement stating that Wes McCauley and Dan O'Rourke will be officiating tonight's game.

This decision has sparked a lot of frustration among Leafs fans, as the Toronto team has suffered defeat in the last 11 playoff games officiated by Wes McCauley.

Although Leafs fans are crying foul, we mostly get the impression that they are already looking for an excuse in case the Panthers win this game.

Wes McCauley has been considered one of the best referees in the NHL for several seasons. Although an incident between Sheldon Keefe and him recently occurred, there is no doubt that the referee will remain impartial during tonight's game.

Credit : Rumeurs de transaction