MAY 15, 2023  (3:59 PM)

Craig Button has unveiled his list in preparation for the 2023 Draft and a monumental surprise is found at the 5th rank

TSN analyst, Craig Button, is perceived as an expert when it comes to future NHL prospects. In the past few hours, he has unveiled his new list in anticipation of the upcoming draft, and a massive surprise has emerged in his top-5.

Here is his list in question:

1- Connor Bedard
2- Adam Fantilli
3- Leo Carlsson
4- Matvei Michkov
5- Axel Sandin-Pellikka
6- Will Smith
7- Eduard Sale
8- Tom Willander
9- Dalibor Dvorsky
10- Colby Barlow

It would be a major drama if the Canadiens drafted Swedish defenseman, Axel Sandin-Pellikka, at the 5th rank, who was ranked between the 10th and 20th ranks by many experts. According to the analyst, Sandin-Pelikka would notably be ahead of David Reinbacher, who was seen as the best defender of the 2023 class.

Craig Button also places the Austrian defender at the 24th rank on his list. Let's just say that if a team manages to acquire Reinbacher's services this late, it would be a real steal.

Although we are still uncertain about the player who will be selected by the Canadiens, we strongly believe that the organization will set its sights on a top-line forward.

However, we will have to wait until June 28 before we get a definitive answer!

Source : TSN