MAY 30, 2023  (1:56 PM)

Dramatic Turn of Events in Nashville: Barry Trotz's First Major Move as General Manager Has Just Been Made

Big news flashing from the heart of Nashville, as we catch wind of a bold move made by the franchise's freshly-minted General Manager, Barry Trotz.

Indeed, according to the word around the rink and ESPN insider Kevin Weekes' tweet, it seems like the Predators' current coach, John Hynes, might be swapping places with Andrew Brunette.

Brunette had stepped into John Quenneville's shoes last year with the Florida Panthers, leading them all the way to the President's Trophy, symbolic of dominance in the regular season, before being unexpectedly shown the door to make room for Paul Maurice.

Now, Brunette is all set to rekindle his bond with a city where he has donned the player's jersey for a season. Interestingly, during that time, it was Trotz who held the reins as the Predators' coach. It seems like Nashville is in for a thrilling ride as old teammates reunite, promising to bring some fresh strategies to the table.