AUGUST 24, 2023  (11:30)

Logan Mailloux with the CH: the Quebec Government announces its verdict on the eligibility of the prospect to play in the NHL

The selection of Logan Mailloux in the 2021 draft generated significant media attention, given that even the Quebec government commented on this controversial choice by the Montreal Canadiens.

Following the recent announcement of the green light received by the young prospect, which allows him to officially play in the NHL, the Quebec Government has now weighed in on Mailloux's eligibility to join the major league.

The Minister responsible for Sport, Isabelle Charest, stated that «Logan Mailloux deserves a second chance» and added that the 19-year-old has taken serious steps towards rehabilitation.

Ms. Charest pointed out that it was the Canadiens' daring decision to draft Mailloux which particularly disappointed her during his selection two years earlier.

«What disappointed me was that the Canadiens didn't respect [my request] and drafted him anyway. Isabelle Charest

As TVA Sports revealed regarding the work done by Mailloux, he underwent a rigorous and necessary process, which now grants him the right to a second chance, allowing him to realize his dream of playing in the National League.

The defenseman notably underwent training and therapy to better understand the implications of his actions.

Mistakes are made in life. Acknowledging it is already a good step, and now I think he deserves a second chance, believes Minister Charest. Via TVA Sports network

We are genuinely eager to see him perform at the Canadiens' training camp to assess his progression and development against a level far more challenging than junior hockey.

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