MAY 19, 2023  (11:35)

Major Turnaround Regarding Joel Quenneville and the NHL

We have just learned, thanks to TSN insider Darren Dreger, that the veteran NHL head coach, Joel Quenneville, is set to meet with Commissioner Gary Bettman at the end of the season.

"Sources assert that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will meet with veteran coach Joel Quenneville at the end of the season to review his status." - Darren Dreger

Let us recall that Quenneville was suspended by the NHL due to allegations linked to a sexual scandal that occurred with the Chicago Blackhawks. The league determined that Quenneville had been negligent in the matter, which led him to step down from his coaching position with the Florida Panthers at the time of the decision, in 2021.

However, a stipulation stated that he could potentially return to coaching, but needed the NHL's consent first, following a meeting with Gary Bettman.

It appears this moment might come sooner rather than later, as his name has started to circulate around the National League for a position as a head coach.

Do you agree with a return of Joel Quenneville as head coach in the NHL?