MAY 17, 2023  (5:22 PM)

Major announcement from Quebecor about the Coyotes and the future of a franchise in Quebec

Following the latest developments regarding the tumultuous future of the Coyotes, the hockey world is now wondering about the future destination of this franchise, given the failure of the project to establish itself permanently in Arizona.

The cities of Houston and Salt Lake City have been mentioned as potential options for a possible relocation of the team.

However, a major statement by Martin Tremblay, director of operations for Quebecor's Sports and Entertainment Group, has revived the hope of fans aspiring for the return of a team to Quebec.

"We still have a great interest in the return of the Nordiques to Quebec. The fans' support towards the Remparts in the current series shows their passion for hockey and Quebec's market capacity to support a professional team. Quebecor has all the necessary assets to successfully operate a National Hockey League team." - Martin Tremblay

It is increasingly evident that the Quebec City market is ready for the return of a franchise, particularly given the resounding success of the Remparts in the QMJHL. In addition, the city already has the necessary facilities to host a professional team.

Although a transfer of the Coyotes to an Eastern city seems unlikely. Hope persists with the possibility of eventual expansion.