MAY 1, 2023  (6:37 PM)

Major announcement regarding Linus Ullmark with the Bruins and there is complete confusion

We have just learned major information regarding Boston Bruins goaltender Linus Ullmark. Renowned commentator Kevin Weekes has revealed this about him :

"Like all teams, players strive to play through serious injuries during the playoffs. My sources tell me that goaltender Ullmark was playing with a serious, limiting, and painful injury that affected his mobility and technique," said Kevin Weekes.


With this new information, we can understand better why Ullmark seemed to be playing differently than in the regular season, where he was on fire. He was a shadow of himself, and it raises even more questions about the Bruins' goalie management.

While the team had the best goalie duo in the league, why didn't they switch to Jeremy Swayman earlier in the series? He was just as good as Ullmark this season.

"Why did the Bruins put a seriously injured and physically limited goalie in front of the net? Especially when their other goalie (Swayman) is excellent and healthy. It makes no sense!"

"Unbelievable! They had another goalie available, a goalie (Swayman) who ranks in the top 5 in save percentage and GAA this season. They should have turned to him. "

Let's say the pill will be very hard to swallow for Bruins fans who are having a hard time accepting this first-round playoff elimination.

This issue is generating a lot of reactions.

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