MAY 19, 2023  (5:41 PM)

Matvei Michkov and the Canadiens: New developments could favor a possible early selection in the upcoming draft

The NHL draft will take place in just over a month, and the Matvei Michkov case continues to generate much ink. Although there is no doubt that the young prodigy is the second-best player in the 2023 class, the geopolitical situation in Russia and his contract binding him to CSKA St. Petersburg for the next three seasons cast doubt among many general managers.

However, in a recent interview with Match TV, Matvei Michkov reiterated his interest in playing in North America, saying it would be a dream for him to play in the NHL. He also repeated that he will be present in Nashville for the draft, which will take place on June 28th.

»I will go to the draft itself at the end of June. I'm just going to watch the ceremony. It happens once in a lifetime. I can't even imagine what will happen there, and what emotions it will be.» - Matvei Michkov

The 18-year-old forward notably added that he does not think about the many comparisons made about him regarding Connor Bedard or even Alexander Ovechkin. For him, the most important thing is to continue to work hard in order to develop to the maximum of his abilities and thus become a better player on the ice.

Let's just say that this attitude is likely to please NHL general managers a lot, and let's hope it resonates with Kent Hughes.

His coach at CSKA, Roman Rotenberg, also admitted that the forward will have to try to imitate Martin St-Louis by becoming the best player on the ice, regardless of his size.

Do you believe that the Canadiens should take a risk in selecting Matvei Michkov at the 5th spot if he is still available?