MAY 12, 2023  (10:29)

Rigged lottery: Elliotte Friedman dropped a bombshell related to the opinion of several NHL executives

Given the enormous stakes of the 2023 NHL lottery, with the grand prize being the league's next generational player, there has been a lot of controversy, with many mentioning that everything had been rigged in advance by Gary Bettman.

Moreover, during a recent episode of the podcast 32 Thoughts, the esteemed Elliotte Friedman from Sportsnet dropped a bombshell related to this hot topic.

"Friedman on the 32TP podcast said he was shocked to see how many people in the league whom he considers intelligent thought the lottery was rigged.

He added that it's understandable to hear this from fans who become emotional, but this time, people from the league, the teams, and everyone believed that it was rigged." - Via NHL Watcher

Wow! It's downright huge to learn that even through the offices of the NHL, many league executives believe that everything was arranged in advance. This is quite a crazy observation!

We are no longer just talking about an opinion coming from fans or conspiracy theorists, but from high-ranking team executives in the NHL, as well.

That said, Friedman made it clear that he absolutely does not believe that everything was orchestrated in advance by the league.

All in all, this revelation from the informant is still quite astonishing!

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