MAY 22, 2023  (11:38)

The Canadiens have a chance to end up with two of the top four prospects in the world at the 2023 Draft

The Montreal Canadiens have the opportunity to make a big splash in the draft.

As advanced statistics increasingly play a role in the management of NHL teams, and also during the draft itself, a very popular analysis model just revealed something major for the Habs.

Indeed, according to Mason Black's model, here are the top prospects in the world:


As you can see, although the result is very analytical, the Canadiens have a chance to walk away from the 2023 auction with two of the top four prospects on the planet, thanks to a potential selection of Matvei Michkov, as well as the presence of Lane Hutson in the organization.

In summary, this tool measures an NHL prospect's point potential. It is based on historical values and adjusts for age, production, league, and position to estimate a player's future value.

However, this is just a preditcion and there is a good chance that it will not happen. On the other hand, seeing that the Montreal organization has the possibility of having two of the best young players in the world is frankly impressive.

Add to this the presence of Will Smith and Gabe Perreault, who could also be potential targets for the Canadiens during the first round.

Sources: HabsolumentFan