Pierre-Luc Dubois free as a bird? Will happen this week according to FS

David St-Jean
June 17, 2024  (6:21 PM)

Pierre-Luc Dubois
Photo credit: Los Angeles Times

The least that can be said is that the Kings have seriously botched the trade and contract of Pierre-Luc Dubois.

The forward has not delivered the expected performance or effort, far from it. He even sank his team by taking costly penalties during the series against the Oilers.
GM Rob Blake mentioned in the end-of-season review that he would not buy out Dubois' contract, but Frank Seravalli disagrees. The insider explains his point brilliantly.
"Yes, we heard General Manager Rob Blake say on locker clean-out day that the Kings did not intend to buy out Dubois.

But it makes too much sense. At least until June 24th, that's the case. That's when Dubois will turn 26. For now, he's 25, which means the Kings are only responsible for paying one-third of the remaining money on his contract, instead of the two-thirds that would be due when he celebrates his 26th birthday.

If the Cup Final goes to Game 7, that won't be possible.

And, of course, a 14-year buyout seems painful now, but the majority of the cap hits are negligible at a time when the cap will far exceed $100 million a year. The Kings would save $32 million in real money, which is a substantial amount.

It's better to admit a mistake and pay a lower price rather than double down and see much worse damage in the long run." - Frank Seravalli

This would really be big news and an important decision that Marc Bergevin's boss has to make. Does he believe enough in Dubois to keep him, or will he admit that he made a mistake?
One thing is certain, Dubois will have to redeem himself this season. Whether he is bought out or not, when he starts next season, in Los Angeles or elsewhere, he will need to be ready to give the effort and pay the price.
Source : Marqueur.com
Le pire se confirme pour Pierre-Luc Dubois: importante annonce de Seravalli
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Pierre-Luc Dubois free as a bird? Will happen this week according to FS

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