A Disturbing Trade Proposal Surfaces for Kent Hughes and the Fifth Pick

Published May 15, 2023 at 8:08

The Montreal Canadiens find themselves in a potentially advantageous position, holding the fifth pick in a draft year filled to the brim with talent. The dice could have rolled in a more favorable manner, but equally, the outcome could have been considerably less fortunate.

Despite our hopeful aspirations, it seems highly unlikely that Connor Bedard will be pulling on a Canadiens jersey anytime soon, barring the occasional visitor's locker room encounter. Consequently, our attention must pivot towards the rich pool of alternate talent in the 2023 crop.

However, a suggestion surfaced on social media that stirred the pot among fans. The Montreal Gazette put forth the idea of trading this coveted fifth pick. Their proposition? Handing over the pick to the Jets in exchange for Pierre-Luc Dubois.

Although Dubois, a former third overall pick, has undoubtedly established himself and could potentially provide significant production for the Canadiens, we believe the proposed deal to be a step too far. The sacrifice is too great, and Kent Hughes would face an avalanche of criticism if he were to finalize such a transaction. Add to this, Dubois' current contract-less situation and his impending unrestricted free agency in a year's time, and it becomes clear that the Canadiens are unlikely to entertain such a gamble.

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A Disturbing Trade Proposal Surfaces for Kent Hughes and the Fifth Pick

Pierre-Luc Dubois will come to Montreal as a free agent, not through a trade.

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He will never play for CH5319.6 %
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