A statement by Jeff Gorton has surfaced, giving an excellent idea of the Montreal Canadiens' draft choice

Elias Adaime
May 11, 2023  (11:34)

The Montreal Canadiens will have a very significant decision to make with their 5th overall pick on June 28th.

All experts agree that there is a top group of five potential elite players, consisting of Connor Bedard, Adam Fantilli, Leo Carlsson, Will Smith, and Matvei Michkov, followed by the rest of the draft class.
By having a selection among the top five, the Canadiens could add high-level talent to their organization. The only catch is that the team might find itself facing the difficult decision of dealing with the thorny issue represented by Michkov.
Kent Hughes and his team will have to decide whether they are willing to take the risk of selecting the Russian forward, who has the potential to become a generational player like Bedard, or choose from the rest of the less talented crop.
In connection with this topic, an interesting statement by Jeff Gorton has resurfaced, taken during backstage discussions at the last draft, which explains the management's vision for deciding on the player to select. Here's what the Vice President of Hockey Operations had to say:
"Do not fall in love solely with the player's personality and character, forgetting the importance of talent," said Jeff Gorton.

Following Kent Hughes' press conference after the lottery, it is clear to the management that character is indeed one of the selection criteria, but it does not represent everything.
Fortunately for Habs fans, the Montreal organization prioritizes talent first and character second when making decisions about which prospect to draft. This is excellent news, given that the team has had the unfortunate habit of missing the mark numerous times with their first-round picks.
The Canadiens cannot afford to make a mistake with their 5th overall pick; it is crucial that the organization acquires high-level talent.
Credit : HabsetLNH.com
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A statement by Jeff Gorton has surfaced, giving an excellent idea of the Montreal Canadiens' draft choice

What is your choice, at the 5th position, knowing that Bedard, Fantilli, Carlsson, and Smith are no longer available?

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