Excellent news for the Canadiens despite the Panthers' victory

Published May 1, 2023 at 9:15

The Florida Panthers have caused a surprise in the current playoffs by sending the regular season champions, the Boston Bruins, on vacation. This is quite a comeback for them as they were trailing 3-1, only to finally win three consecutive duels.

This victory has a devastating effect on the morale of some Montreal Canadiens fans. Even though most don't like Boston for rivalry reasons, the logical choice was to root for them since the Habs hold the Panthers' first pick this year. We strongly hope that the pick is as high as possible, so the Panthers must lose.

However, Florida must win one more round to lose the 17th overall pick. As observer Marc-Olivier Beaudoin points out, if the Maple Leafs win the second round, the Canadiens will still have the 17th overall pick. If the Panthers win, the pick will be between 29th and 32nd.

This is therefore very good news for the Habs, as their chances of drafting 17th with the Panthers' pick are still possible, in addition to having had the satisfaction of seeing the Bruins lose in the first round.
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Excellent news for the Canadiens despite the Panthers' victory

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