Jonathan Huberdeau has finally revealed what he thinks of Darryl Sutter

Published May 1, 2023 at 9:34 PM

The Calgary Flames fired head coach Darryl Sutter earlier this morning, and star player Jonathan Huberdeau shared his thoughts about his former boss.

It was known that there had been some friction between the Quebecer and Darryl Sutter during the season, as he was notably used on the third line on several occasions, despite the fact that the forward had just had a 110-point season the previous year.

In an interview on BPM Sports radio, Jonathan Huberdeau discussed "the Jakob Pelletier case," stating that it was completely unnecessary to have acted that way in front of the media.

"Why say that to the media and then go see the kid to tell him he played well?"

"We were all disappointed. Especially for a young kid who comes in and doesn't need that as a young player. He just wants to play well for himself and the team. In the media, we were all pretty surprised. We were saying 'That's Darryl' «

"...It really didn't click between me and Darryl last year. There were a lot of factors. There was a big difference in points between my last two years. And the style of play he wanted to play, it didn't fit my style of game.

He also mentioned that this situation had angered many veterans.

One thing is certain, the Flames will be better off with a new head coach behind the bench next season!

Credit : Habs et LNH
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Jonathan Huberdeau has finally revealed what he thinks of Darryl Sutter

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