Major development: Coyotes target 4 cities for possible move

Published May 22, 2023 at 10:30

The saga of the Coyotes in Arizona simply does not want to end, as the organization is desperately seeking a new location to establish the franchise, absolutely not wanting to move it anywhere other than the desert, despite the city of Tempe's refusal last week.

In connection with the establishment of the franchise in another city in Arizona, the organization has targeted four potential cities, including two surprise names in the batch.

Here are the places in question:

- Mesa


It must be said that when a professional organization asks the public's opinion via a survey on social media, this story takes a turn that is downright ridiculous. Clearly, the owners of the franchise have reached an unprecedented level of desperation.

Even the reputed NHL informer, Frank Seravalli, added his two cents by highlighting the absurdity of the case.

"Is this an NHL franchise or a local Junior B team?

It's absolutely staggering that this is a thing. The right answer is, of course, a municipality that really wants to have the Yotes - after two have said no."

It is becoming less and less understandable that the NHL is still doing everything possible to maintain its poor franchise in a place that doesn't even want it and doesn't even support their professional team.

Credit: HabsetLNH.com
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Major development: Coyotes target 4 cities for possible move

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