Major information has surfaced regarding Michkov, vindicating the CH's choice to opt for David Reinbacher

Published August 30, 2023 at 11:02

In recent months, the selection of David Reinbacher at the 5th overall pick in the draft has been much talked about in Quebec media, especially since a certain Matvei Michkov was still available when the Canadiens' management set their sights on the Austrian defenseman.

Many Canadiens fans wanted to see the Russian prodigy land in Montreal, who is already considered by many observers as a future NHL star. Of course, adding a prolific goal scorer like Matvei Michkov would have greatly aided the organization in its rebuilding process.

However, despite his undeniable talent, there were also many *red flags* regarding the 18-year-old forward. Said to have a questionable character and attitude by former teammates, Canadiens' executives also had concerns because the organization has no control over his development, as he is at the mercy of decisions by SKA St. Petersburg.

Indeed, this is precisely what is happening with the 7th overall pick in 2023 right now. In SKA's last three games, the forward only played 13 minutes, even being scratched from the lineup for his team's latest game. Such a decision is not ideal for a young player in his development, who has to live with the choices of his coach. One could bet Flyers fans aren't too pleased with the treatment their prospect is currently receiving.

"Michkov played less than 8 minutes two games ago, and less than 5 minutes in the last game, with just one shift in the second period after making a turnover. He's not dressed for today's game. Having little control over his development was one of the risks of drafting him." - Grant McCagg

Furthermore, Mattias Brunet revealed significant information during his appearance on BPM Sports yesterday. According to sources from Russia, Matvei Michkov is a terrible teammate, even resorting to tripping his peers during practices.

"Will he be fine? Will he continue to kick his teammates when they're down in the locker room? Will he trip up his teammates during practice? Will he jab his stick into his goalie's chest protector during practice?" - Mathias Brunet

Yikes! If this information is accurate, it's increasingly clear why Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton decided to go with David Reinbacher. The Montreal organization aims to instill a new culture within the lineup, and evidently, Matvei Michkov's attitude doesn't align with that vision.

While he has immense potential, potentially scoring 50 goals a season in the NHL in a few years, Michkov will undoubtedly need to mature. A player with a self-centered character never bodes well in an NHL locker room. It's certainly reasonable to have doubts about his ability to excel in the world's best league if the forward doesn't change his attitude.

In light of this information, are you pleased that the Canadiens opted to draft David Reinbacher instead?

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Major information has surfaced regarding Michkov, vindicating the CH's choice to opt for David Reinbacher

Looking back, who would you have picked?

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