Marc-André Fleury strongly brushes off Gary Bettman, and it goes viral on the web

Published November 24, 2023 at 2:18 PM
Marc-André Fleury is one of the most respected individuals in the entire NHL. When I use the term 'individuals,' I mean everyone, not just players.

He has always been a role model. His kindness, generosity, and, of course, his athletic prowess have made him one of the most well-known and appreciated faces.

For these reasons, he has also contributed a lot to the NHL. He is an idol for many young people and has represented the league very well on a global scale.

Now, he would like to think about himself and his loved ones, and then Gary Bettman shuts the door in his face. It's very hard to understand.

"Celebrating Native American Heritage Night in Minnesota and to honour his wife, who is native, Marc-Andre Fleury had a custom mask designed by Cole Redhorse Taylor.

The NHL informed him that he won't be able to wear it tonight in the game or in warmups."

- Via Michael Russo

So Bettman threatens to fine Fleury for a mask? But you know what? Fleury will still wear his mask, and he'll accept the fine. Take that, Bettman!

When you see the mask in question, you'll understand that it's totally absurd for the NHL to oppose it.

Congratulations to Marc-André for doing what he feels is right! NHL players should create an internal Go Fund Me to pay his fine, to show their support for standing up against a rule that has no place in 2023.

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Marc-André Fleury strongly brushes off Gary Bettman, and it goes viral on the web

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