The Red Wings have reportedly put forward a very tempting offer to get their hands on the 5th overall pick

Elias Edmonson
June 28, 2023  (10:12)

According to information reported by David Pagnotta yesterday afternoon, the Montreal Canadiens' General Manager, Kent Hughes, is far from having finished his shopping. He could notably trade his 5th overall pick to move down a few spots in the draft tonight.

In this regard, the Twitter account El Cloun released very interesting information about a trade offer made by the Red Wings to acquire the Canadiens' pick.
El Cloun is an insider who has been working in the hockey world under the cover of anonymity for more than a decade. In fact, he has announced several exclusives about the Canadiens recently, being the only one to talk about the trade sending Alex Newhook to the Canadiens, two hours before the trade was confirmed. Therefore, there is no doubt that he has privileged information about the trades that the Canadiens' management wants to make.
Regarding trades, we expect at least 2 trades that are already in fairly advanced discussions, including the one that would involve the 31st pick. Who are we talking to? For the moment, I'm told there are 2 teams including Colorado, I'll get back to you later with the other team. - El Cloun

According to him, the best offer that would have been presented to Kent Hughes so far would be a proposal from the Red Wings. Indeed, Steve Yzerman would be willing to trade the 9th and 17th picks along with a very promising defenseman (William Wallinder?) to acquire the 5th overall pick.
- The 9th overall pick
- The 17th overall pick
- A very promising defenseman such as William Wallinder

- The 5th overall pick

Wow! This is definitely an offer that Kent Hughes is likely to consider before stepping onto the podium at the Bridgestone Arena tonight. By acquiring two picks among the first 17 selections, the organization could get their hands on two excellent prospects such as Zach Benson, Dalibor Dvorsky, Nate Danielson, or even Matthew Wood at the 9th rank, in addition to acquiring a player like Axel Sandin Pellikka, Brendan Yager, Samuel Honzek, or Colby Barlow with the 17th overall pick.
Although the identity of the defenseman included in the trade offer has not been revealed, we can still speculate about it. The name of William Wallinder quickly caught our eye as the young 20-year-old defenseman had an excellent season with Rögle BK in the SHL. The 6'4", 194-pound defenseman collected 7 goals and 19 assists (26 points) in 50 games in the Swedish elite league. Drafted 32nd overall in 2020, he could be a sizable addition to the Canadiens' blue line in the coming years.
If you were in Kent Hughes' shoes, would you accept this offer?
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The Red Wings have reportedly put forward a very tempting offer to get their hands on the 5th overall pick

The 9th and 17th overall picks along with William Wallinder for the 5th overall pick, would you do it?

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