The truth finally comes to light for Corey Perry: we have the exact details that come from Frank Seravalli

Published November 29, 2023 at 6:13 PM
We know that what happened is serious, but we don't know exactly why. Corey Perry is now unemployed, whereas just a few days ago, he was living the perfect happiness with the Blackhawks.

Several insiders and journalists claim to know the story, but no one wanted to reveal it publicly. Now, the reputable Frank Seravalli has done so.

"According to sources, an alcohol-related incident involving Perry occurred at an event attended by team partners and employees. It is still not clear exactly what happened, who witnessed it, and who reported it to the team."

- Frank Seravalli

Without giving too many details, we can now understand that alcohol was involved and that the timing was very inappropriate.

We have all seen someone behave differently under the influence of alcohol and say or do things they regret later. In this case, the consequences are very serious, but it helps to paint a picture of the situation.

"It turns out that Perry got drunk at a Blackhawks corporate event on November 17. An incident occurred, and that's what led to the termination of the contract."

The NHL did not get involved in the case, and no criminal charges were filed against Perry. He could theoretically sign a contract tomorrow and play the same evening.

Perry's alleged misconduct does not involve a criminal investigation.

The NHL was informed of the Blackhawks' investigation, but it was deemed an "internal team matter and team decision."

Perry was not suspended by the NHL, and if claimed off waivers on Wednesday, he would likely have been free to continue playing in the NHL.

In short, given that important people would also be witnesses or involved, we understand the caution in the statements of the insiders.

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The truth finally comes to light for Corey Perry: we have the exact details that come from Frank Seravalli

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