Canadiens vs Maple Leafs: Montreal dominates and it's shameful

David St-Jean
April 29, 2024  (10:47 PM)

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Since the Canadiens' Stanley Cup Final in 2021, the team has been in full rebuild mode. Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, along with the scouting team, are doing crucial work to assemble the best possible lineup.

With reconstruction comes no playoffs. The Habs finished last in the overall standings in 2022, and 28th in the past two years.
We're starting to see signs that the team can become competitive, but there's still work to be done.
Conversely, the Maple Leafs are perennial contenders. They're poised to win, with their four offensive stars. The problem is that since 2004, they've only made it past the first round once, last year.
A statistic just came out that really shows how much the Maple Leafs struggle in the postseason. In 2021, they won 3 games against the Canadiens, who won the series in 7.
Since they made it to the final, they've won a total of 13 playoff games. That's still their total since 2021, 13 wins.
The Maple Leafs could have surpassed the Canadiens by winning 11 playoff games in the last three years, which they haven't been able to do.
Playoff game wins by Canadian teams, 2021 to present:

Oilers, 17
Canadiens, 13
Maple Leafs, 12
Jets, 6
Flames, 5
Canucks, 3
Senators, 0

Counting the three wins against the Canadiens in 2021, they only have 12 wins in 4 years. That means they've won 9 games in the last three playoff years, even though they won a round last year.
So in one playoff year, the Habs have more wins than the Maple Leafs in 4 years, even in full rebuild mode.
Honestly, the situation in Toronto is shameful. They need to figure out how to win. There's too much talent on this team for it to remain this way.
The Leafs still have a chance to win their first-round series, but with Auston Matthews greatly diminished or even absent Tuesday night, it'll be very difficult to beat Boston.
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Canadiens vs Maple Leafs: Montreal dominates and it's shameful

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