Logan Mailloux's past is haunting him again, and it's significant

David St-Jean
May 31, 2024  (1:33 PM)

Logan Mailloux
Photo credit: CTV News Montreal

Logan Mailloux, Lane Hutson, David Reinbacher, and Kaiden Guhle are seen by many as the future top 4 defensemen for the Canadiens.

There's good reason to be excited, but we need to consider another perspective. Kent Hughes is very active in the market to acquire a forward, and one of the four could be traded.
Unfortunately, Logan Mailloux is constantly mentioned in rumors. Not because of his past, but because he is close to being NHL-ready and less important since Hutson's arrival.
The Canadiens have their future quarterback in Hutson, and the organization believes in him greatly. This doesn't mean Mailloux is on the market, but he is no longer indispensable in that role.
The problem is that even if Kent Hughes wanted to trade him, Mailloux doesn't have as much value as one might think. And this is due to his past.
According to Scott Wheeler, a team has already indicated that it would refuse to take him because of this, which lowers his value.
"Mailloux is the best prospect but the market would be more limited.

Probably Struble now with the way teams want their defense to be built. However, this doesn't bring major value for him, Barron, or Harris." - Scott Wheeler

I like Jayden Struble and think he will be a very good defenseman, but it must be admitted that he is not on the same level as Logan Mailloux, who is far superior.
It's almost insulting to think that his market value would be lower, but we are talking about Wheeler, an NHL prospect expert.
This means that Mailloux's past is still haunting him. His value is much lower than one might think, and at this point, trading him would be just ridiculous in my opinion.
It's unfortunate for the young man, as he has made a lot of efforts, worked on himself, and had an impressive first season as a pro.
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Logan Mailloux: le marché serait limité pour faire son acquisition
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Logan Mailloux's past is haunting him again, and it's significant

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