MAJOR: Arber Xhekaj sets the stage for a future fight, and it promises to be intense with Matt Rempe

David St-Jean
March 10, 2024  (5:48 PM)

Matt Rempe and Arber Xhekaj
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The phenomenon Matt Rempe and the Rangers will soon face off against the Montreal Canadiens, and while there is concern about the state of the Blue-Shirts' colossus, as he never refuses a fight, he will have one more opponent against Montreal.

Indeed, it is with a heavily battered face that the rookie showed up for his team's practice after only 5 games played in the NHL. Nevertheless, Arber Xhekaj knows the individual and expects that it won't change, even anticipating facing him several times in his career.
Engels: "Have you paid attention to what the Rempire State Building has been up to?"

Xhekaj: "How could I not? He's everywhere right now. Honestly, that's pretty cool. Good for him"

Engels: "What do you make of how often he's dropped 'em, and the opponents he's faced?"

Xhekaj: "It's pretty crazy. He got the call, and he's got the balls to do it. Those are big-boy fights – six to eight punches to the face, and his face is banged up to – and he's getting chased by Reaves all game, and still, in the third, he's willing to answer the bell. Good fot him."

Engels: "I feel like Deslauriers is one of the most intimidating players in the game. What about facing him?"

Xhekaj: "It was probably the best fight I've seen in the last 10 years. The guys don't fight like that anymore. Deslauriers did fight like that back in the day, and once a guy will trade with him, he'll trade. He doesn't punch light, I can tell you firsthand."

Engels: "You watching all this and thinking at all about you guys eventually squaring off?"

Xhekaj: "Obviously! If he sticks around, we'll probably have a couple of fights in our career down the road. I did play him in the minors. He knows his role, and he doesn't care and is going to do whatever it takes."

- Eric Engels & Arber Xhekaj

Invitations have been thrown! And Arber knows exactly what to expect, so get ready for it to be memorable. The next game between the two teams is on April 7th. It's a showdown not to be missed!
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MAJOR: Arber Xhekaj sets the stage for a future fight, and it promises to be intense with Matt Rempe

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