Rumors about Cole Caufield: it's now confirmed by Chantal Machabée

David St-Jean
June 14, 2024  (10:23)

Cole Caufield and Chantal Machabée
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Seasons come and go, but they haven't been the same for Cole Caufield.

From the moment he joined the team, his immense talent was apparent, and it remains so today. However, expectations about his goal-scoring have led to some speculation.
People expected him to double his 28 goals, putting significant pressure on him, which he has openly acknowledged. This pressure has sometimes made him appear irritable in front of journalists, leading to rumors that he's unhappy in Montreal.
In an interview with Marco Normandin, Chantal Machabée sought to reassure everyone. Not only is Cole happy to be in Montreal, but he is also one of the most generous and involved players, often away from the cameras.
"Cole is an extraordinary young man. He's kind, funny, and empathetic. He does a lot that people have no idea about because he doesn't want it to be public. He spends a lot of time with fans, children, and disadvantaged and sick kids.

The time Cole Caufield gives to all these people is astonishing, and he doesn't want cameras. He does it for the right reasons. He's sharp, everyone loves him on the team, everyone makes fun of him, and he has a strong sense of self-deprecation. He's a charming guy we all deeply love," said Chantal Machabée.

Unfortunately, the most frequent photos of Cole are those with a drink in his hand, which make headlines, but the young man is much more than a partygoer. He also supports local companies. Here's a testimony from JT Utah:
"I have a scoop on Cole Caufield. There's a Quebec company called Fake Artgang that launched a new cap, and Cole Caufield commented on the post saying he liked the product. So, the company's social media guy sent a private message to Cole Caufield offering him free products, and Cole replied, 'No need, I already ordered it!'"

Cole could have accepted the gift like most celebrities, but he chose to purchase and support the company instead. Not only will he wear their product, but he also spent money to promote them.
This is the kind of person Cole Caufield is. Therefore, the rumors about him can stop. He is an extraordinary hockey player and an even better person.
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Rumors about Cole Caufield: it's now confirmed by Chantal Machabée

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