Striking statement from Chantal Machabée regarding Logan Mailloux

David St-Jean
June 13, 2024  (1:25 PM)

Chantal Machabée and Logan Mailloux
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We all remember the scandal surrounding the selection of Logan Mailloux in the first round in 2021, when Chantal Machabée was a journalist for RDS.

Since then, much has changed, and Chantal was asked if she still holds the same views she expressed at the time of his selection by the former Canadiens management.
Indeed, Chantal had opposed this choice, and she was asked if she still regrets that the Canadiens selected him.
Here's the question posed by Marco Normandin:
«When you joined the organization, it will be remembered that you said you disagreed with the selection of Logan Mailloux in the draft, which had been made under the previous management.

Now, with all the work done by the organization and the player, are you satisfied with where you are now as he knocks on the door of the NHL?» - HABSolumentFan

And Chantal's response:
«Exactly. I had said at the time that the Canadiens should not have drafted him because Logan [Mailloux] had asked to be exempt from the draft, and I found that commendable. But I had also said in the same breath that if there was a team capable of turning the situation around and making something positive out of it, it was the Montreal Canadiens.

That's what the Canadiens have done. That's what Geoff Molson and France Margaret Bélanger have done. Geneviève Paquette has done a phenomenal job on this matter. They took charge of Logan, and he only wanted to redeem himself.

But seriously, I love this kid! He is serious, does what needs to be done, and is talented. He's an incredibly friendly young man who speaks good French, and you can tell he wants to do well. He wants to make a difference. He's learning a lesson from this, and if he can help others not make the same mistakes, it can be very positive.»

It's true that Logan has worked very hard, and he continues to do so. In fact, Paul Byron has strongly emphasized this, stating that the Canadiens' rebuild will be faster thanks to Mailloux.
The new management of the club has done what was necessary in this case, and so has the player.
It's really heartening to see that everyone in the organization still believes in him and adores him. Making a youthful mistake happens to everyone, but being able to face your mistakes and not repeat them is commendable.
Bravo to Logan and everyone in the organization!
Source : HabsolumentFan.com
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Striking statement from Chantal Machabée regarding Logan Mailloux

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