Three-team trade offer involving the Canadiens: 9 players are involved

David St-Jean
June 23, 2024  (10:35)

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Kent Hughes has many replaceable players in his lineup, but he's missing a key player in the top 6, which could potentially be resolved with a three-team trade.

First, you need to know that this is a proposed trade and not a rumor. However, it's exciting to see how advantageous it could be for the three teams involved if it could work out.
This idea comes from Ryan Dixon of Sportsnet, and it includes the Winnipeg Jets and the Carolina Hurricanes. According to him, a trade involving nine players would help all three clubs.
Winnipeg receives:

- Josh Anderson
- Jayden Struble
- Justin Barron
- Owen Beck
- 2024 2nd-round pick from the Hurricanes

Carolina receives:

- Nikolaj Ehlers
- Jordan Harris
- 26th overall pick in 2024 (belonging to the Canadiens)

Montreal receives:

- Martin Necas

So, the Canadiens would give up Jayden Struble, Justin Barron, Jordan Harris, Josh Anderson, Owen Beck, and the 26th overall pick and would receive Martin Necas.
It seems like a lot, but Kent Hughes would be killing two birds with one stone. Josh Anderson's contract is a heavy burden and he doesn't fit the Canadiens' style.
Owen Beck is a very good prospect on offense, but Martin Necas is a much better player. Jordan Harris, Jayden Struble, and Justin Barron are good defensemen, but the Canadiens have better ones in their top 6 for the coming years.
The Jets would lose an excellent player in Nikolaj Ehlers, but they would fill major holes in their lineup, plus they'd have Josh Anderson in their top 9, who is built for the rugged play of the Western Conference.
Carolina would get the ideal replacement for Necas in Ehlers, plus they would get Jordan Harris at a low cost, as they can't afford to sign many defensemen. They would also get the 26th pick, while already holding the 27th pick, giving them two consecutive selections in the draft.
Personally, I think it's too good to be true and such a trade won't happen, but I have to admit it makes sense for all the teams involved.
Carolina wouldn't get as much in a one-for-one trade for Necas, the Jets wouldn't get such a nice return for Ehlers either, and the Canadiens wouldn't have to pay such a reasonable price for a player like Necas, especially considering the history between the two clubs.
Source : Sportsnet
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Three-team trade offer involving the Canadiens: 9 players are involved

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