Two forwards are linked to the Canadiens, and it's significant

David St-Jean
June 1, 2024  (10:28)

Kent Hughes
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There has been much talk about new forwards joining the Canadiens, like Steven Stamkos and Martin Necas, but other possibilities are emerging.

The Canadiens are not yet ready to win now but aim to compete and move closer to a playoff spot. This makes this year's draft crucial, and Kent Hughes, along with the Canadiens' scouts, must select the right forwards.
The Athletic took on the role of general manager to make selections based on the best players available and each team's needs.
While many fans dream of seeing Ivan Demidov or Cayden Lindstrom in Montreal, their choice is different. According to their prediction, Berkly Catton would be selected at 5th overall. Here's the ranking:
SAN JOSE - Macklin Celebrini - C (NCAA)
CHICAGO - Ivan Demidov - RW (MHL)
ANAHEIM - Artyom Levshunov - RD (NCAA)
COLUMBUS - Carter Yakemchuk - RD (WHL)
MONTREAL - Berkly Catton - C (WHL)
UTAH - Anton Silayev - LD (KHL)
OTTAWA - Zeev Buium - LD (NCAA)
SEATTLE - Zayne Parekh - RD (OHL)
CALGARY - Cayden Lindstrom - C (WHL)
NEW JERSEY - Sam Dickinson - LD (OHL)
BUFFALO - Cole Eiserman - LW (USHL)
PHILADELPHIA - Beckett Sennecke - RW (OHL)
MINNESOTA - Stian Solberg - LD (SHL)
SAN JOSE - Tij Iginla - C (WHL)
DETROIT - Michael Brandsegg-Nygard - RW (SWE)

Here are Scott Wheeler's explanations for selecting Berkly Catton:
"Several defensemen are my best players available here, but with David Reinbacher, Kaiden Guhle, Lane Hutson, and Logan Mailloux and an obvious need at center, I'm not sure the gap between the available defensemen and the best centers is significant enough for me to double down. Catton brings a dimension of skating and skill that the Canadiens' core could really use. I prefer him to Cayden Lindstrom, Tij Iginla (a winger), and other available forwards. If the Canadiens had picked earlier a year ago, this decision would have been simpler for me." - Scott Wheeler

With 54 goals and 116 points this season in the WHL, Catton is only the 4th CHL player to combine more than 50 goals and over 115 points in his draft year after Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, and Connor Bedard.
Therefore, Berkly Catton deserves consideration for the 5th overall pick.
With the 26th overall pick from the Jets, the Canadiens would select Sacha Boisvert, according to Wheeler.
So, there would be two promising new forwards in the Canadiens' ranks, but let's wait and see. Kent Hughes might still surprise everyone by trading the Jets' first pick.
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Two forwards are linked to the Canadiens, and it's significant

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