Mitch Marner traded for a disliked player of the Canadiens and Kent Hughes?

David St-Jean
June 14, 2024  (6:33 PM)

Mitch Marner and Kent Hughes
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One of the most sought-after names on the trade market is Mitch Marner, who theoretically should have played his last game in Toronto.

Rumors of trades have linked him to Montreal, but let's be realistic, the Maple Leafs wouldn't trade such a good player to a direct rival.
Personally, I think we should forget about Marner in Montreal, however, Sportsnet has proposed a trade against a disliked player by the Canadiens and Kent Hughes.
Indeed, in 2022, Kent Hughes passed over Shane Wright as the 1st overall pick and selected Juraj Slafkovsky. We know today that it was a good decision, but Wright took it really badly at the time.
Coming back to Sportsnet's proposal, the network suggests Shane Wright and Adam Larsson for Mitch Marner.
This trade seems ridiculous, but they defend their point of view well.
«Why Toronto does it: Larsson is a large, right-shot defenseman who logs significant minutes. He turns 32 in November and is eligible to become a UFA after next season, so you'd certainly hope to extend him three years beyond that.

Wright has been through it. The Toronto-area kid was projected to be No. 1 in the 2022 draft for years in advance of the event, then fell to No. 4 on draft day. His development has been hindered by pandemics, trades, bouncing between leagues, etc. But last year he spent more or less the entire winter in the AHL and looked good when he joined Seattle for the final days of the schedule and notched four goals in five games. It sure seems like the righty has a future as a reliable 2C and he's on an entre-level deal for the next two seasons."

Personally, I don't believe the Maple Leafs would accept such an offer. Sportsnet's explanations make sense, but Mitch Marner is still an elite player in the NHL.
He would directly become their franchise player, while Wright doesn't stand a chance of having the same status in Toronto.
In my opinion, the Kraken would need to add at least a first-round pick for the Leafs' GM not to hang up the phone.
And you, what do you think?
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Mitch Marner traded for a disliked player of the Canadiens and Kent Hughes?

Do you think Shane Wright could be part of a trade sending Mitch Marner to Seattle?

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