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Sydney Crosby gets strongly criticized by a well-known insider, and it sparks a significant reaction

Published February 3, 2024 at 8:31 PM
Nikita Kucherov's actions during the skills competition have circulated widely on the web. The star forward simply did not put in any effort, much to the disappointment of the fans in attendance in Toronto.

The Russian player faced a barrage of hateful comments as a result, and he was booed on the spot, something he seemed to enjoy. However, he is not the only one who should be criticized for his actions, according to an insider.

Frank Seravalli, in particular, strongly criticized Sidney Crosby, who was noticeably absent during the draft.

"I find it disgusting that every other year, when he decides to show up at the All-Star weekend, Sidney Crosby doesn't get roasted by anyone. No one ever criticizes him. He has done so much for the sport, and that's wonderful. He is/was an excellent ambassador for hockey. But to see a video of him skating in Montana and enjoying the nice weather... Why do all the other players show up and participate in the player draft, but Sidney Crosby isn't there, and no one talks about it. It drives me absolutely crazy because if it were any other player, they would get hit. I just don't understand why he gets no heat."

- Frank Seravalli"

Certainly, we are not dealing with the same type of individual between Crosby and Kucherov, and we do not want to defend the Lightning forward. Crosby has done great things for the NHL, and he has always carried himself with a lot of class.

However, the fact that he shared about skating in Montana instead of being present is unusual. He simply decided not to be there because he preferred doing something else.

Any good reason would have been valid, but missing to go practice elsewhere, I can understand why Seravalli is furious, even if I do not completely share his opinion.

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Sydney Crosby gets strongly criticized by a well-known insider, and it sparks a significant reaction

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