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Huge news for the return of the Quebec Nordiques

Published February 7, 2024 at 12:07

We talked about it on Tuesday: Gary Bettman is about to make an announcement regarding the future of the Arizona Coyotes.

Three options are on the table for the current owner and the NHL:

"According to hockey expert Frank Seravalli, the league's options are as follows:

Demand that the Coyotes identify a site and secure ownership for the construction of a new arena.

Compel owner Alex Meruelo to sell the team to investors who will keep it in Arizona.

Relocate the team." - Frank Seravalli, via TVA Sports

If the relocation option is chosen and it needs to be resolved quickly, the chances for Quebec are excellent, as there is already an arena ready and a strong fan base.

However, the financial aspect is a question. According to Philippe Boucher, that's not a problem at all.

"There are people, there are groups already formed with a check, ready to give to Gary Bettman. I've been told internally that there was a person... it might be Mr. Andlauer who bought the Senators in Ottawa. But a few years ago, I met someone in Florida who told me – he has been very involved with the Montreal Canadiens; he advises very wealthy people – that it was realistic that we could have a team in Quebec in the coming years, that there were ready checks, that there were formed groups. But if the National Hockey League's will is not there, we won't have one."

- Philippe Boucher on FM93

This means that it's really Gary Bettman who is blocking the entire process because there are investors ready to take action.

Whether it's due to concerns about the population base or Quebecor, which wants to buy the future franchise, the reasons given by Bettman may not be justified.

Everything has been 100% ready for the return of the Nordiques for years. Depending on the decision that will be made, Bettman could find himself backed into a corner, and the city of Quebec could have a new NHL franchise.

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Huge news for the return of the Quebec Nordiques

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