Is Martin Necas a target for the Habs?

Tommy Boudreault
May 28, 2024  (7:15 PM)

Martin Necas
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Martin Necas is certainly a talented and versatile player who would attract the attention of several teams, including the Montreal Canadiens.

If the Carolina Hurricanes decide to put Necas on the trade market due to salary cap constraints or other factors, there would likely be strong competition for his services.
To estimate the price to acquire Necas, several factors need to be considered.
So, if Martin Necas is available, what would be the price to pay to get this young Hurricanes player with the Montreal Canadiens?
Martin Necas made his debut with the Carolina Hurricanes during the 2017-2018 season, where he played one game.
Drafted in the first round, 12th overall, in 2017, he has a record of 243 points in 362 career games. He would be an interesting profile to lead the second line of the Canadiens.
With 53 points in 77 regular-season games, including 24 goals, Necas had a good season. In the playoffs, he also maintained a good production pace with 9 points in 11 games, including 4 goals.
This ability to perform under pressure during the playoffs is valuable for any team looking to go far in the postseason.
These numbers further reinforce Necas's value on the trade market and show why he would generate considerable interest from teams seeking offensive reinforcements.
He would be looking for a contract lasting 6 to 8 years and an annual salary between $7 million and $7.5 million. A contract similar to Nick Suzuki's.
But what would be the price to pay for his services with the Canadiens?
Given Martin Necas's talent and potential, it is very likely that many NHL teams would be interested in his services if the Carolina Hurricanes decide to put him on the trade market.
For the Montreal Canadiens, if they seriously wish to acquire Necas, they will likely need to present an attractive offer that meets the Hurricanes' needs while being competitive compared to other offers on the market.
In essence, the summer will be interesting to follow for the Canadiens. With a player like Necas in the top 6, the Canadiens would add offensive talent to the organization, which would be welcome.
However, the Hurricanes will not let him go for nothing either. Martin Necas is an excellent young right-handed center who can also play on the wing.
Source: Habs & LNH : Martin Necas dans la mire du canadiens
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