MAJOR: Two former teammates of Corey Perry comment on the situation for the first time

Published December 10, 2023 at 8:25 PM

The least we can say is that Corey Perry's story has stirred up a lot of discussion, so much so that it has been talked about for over a week, everywhere in the hockey world.

A future member of the Hockey Hall of Fame leaving like this is truly shocking. A player who was so beloved by his teammates, it's incomprehensible.

For veterans Connor Murphy and Nick Foligno, who played with Perry in Chicago, this situation is not easy, but they are doing their best to set an example.

"I come from some experience of just being here, having some comfort with the staff and team, and knowing what we've been through and what doesn't work. Knowing [my way] around can help with anyone who's either uncomfortable or seems like they're trying to find themselves in a new organization." - Connor Murphy

For Foligno, it feels unreal. He explains how much Perry is missed by the team.

"There was a little bit of a lull on that road trip, when the dust settled and you realized [Corey is] really not coming back. You could tell the energy he brought was missing. You mourn that loss, and then you realize, ‘Alright, it's not changing, so what are we going to do to get the energy back?' We realized other guys have to step up.

A younger guy is more willing to speak up and more comfortable in a home environment. You get to chat with them more about their lives. Little things come out of those dinners that help the bonding experience.'' - Nick Foligno

What stands out is that Perry's teammates were not aware of his issues. It is normal to feel upset in these circumstances because they could have offered him support and help.

Unfortunately, the damage is done, and Perry must be accountable for his actions. Talking about it earlier, Perry could have received help. It's a valuable lesson for everyone, not just in hockey.

Source: Hockey Patrol
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MAJOR: Two former teammates of Corey Perry comment on the situation for the first time

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