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INCREDIBLE: Major turnaround for Jonathan Drouin

Published December 22, 2023 at 10:25

The years follow each other and resemble each other for Jonathan Drouin. Yesterday with the Canadiens, today with the Avalanche, his involvement and statistics left something to be desired, especially considering the talent he possesses.

It's really a shame because when he's in his game, he can be dominant. Unfortunately, it happens too rarely and doesn't last long.

Since his arrival with the Avalanche, Drouin started on the top line, then gradually declined from game to game, eventually being sidelined. Since his return from the stands about 15 games ago, he's become a transformed player.

He is involved in all three zones and has accumulated 12 points during this period. We're not talking about a short sequence of three or four games; we're talking about a solid 15-game stretch, which is very encouraging.

Are we witnessing the rebirth of Jonathan? The future will tell, but until then, we are very happy for him and hope he continues on this trajectory!

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INCREDIBLE: Major turnaround for Jonathan Drouin

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