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Evander Kane is once again making headlines for the wrong reasons

Published May 15, 2024 at 10:42 PM

Evander Kane is no stranger to controversy and has developed a rather ordinary reputation in the NHL.

Indeed, the forward has experienced a range of negative incidents throughout his career. It's even surprising that he still has a job in the NHL and the opportunity to compete in the playoffs.

Once again, a statement has tarnished his reputation, this time coming from a former player who knows him well.

Former goaltender Eddie Lack, who notably served as Roberto Luongo's backup in Vancouver, had a lot to say following this incident.

In fact, many believed that Kane would be suspended or at least fined for this action. However, that wasn't the case, but according to Eddie Lack, Kane would have preferred to be suspended.

"Evander Kane begging for a 1 game suspension since he can't afford the 5K fine."

- Eddie Lack

Indeed, players aren't paid during the playoffs, and according to Lack, the Oilers' forward would have preferred to be suspended to avoid having to pay.

It's a sad statement and speaks volumes about what players think of Kane. We know he has had financial troubles and even filed for bankruptcy, but we never would have suspected he would struggle so much or prefer to let down his teammates.

After all, for hockey players earning millions per year (Kane earns $5.125 million), a $5,000 fine seems like a very small amount.

Regardless, focusing on Kane's qualities as a player, he is quite solid with 617 points in 930 games. He currently has 5 points in 9 playoff games this year.

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Evander Kane is once again making headlines for the wrong reasons

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