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Norman Flynn ready to sacrifice Slafkovsky in a trade

Published May 15, 2024 at 7:18 PM

On the airwaves of BPM Sports, RDS analyst Norman Flynn is once again making headlines.

In January 2023, the former hockey coach made a rather outlandish trade proposal involving the young sensation Juraj Slafkovsky.

Once again, it can be said that Norman Flynn is not lacking in courage with his proposals, as he was willing to sacrifice the 20-year-old who scored 20 goals and 50 points in 2023-2024 to acquire Quebecois Pierre-Luc Dubois. Yes, you read that correctly...

Norman Flynn était prêt à échanger Juraj Slafkovsky contre Pierre-Luc Dubois

During an interview with Norman Flynn in January 2023 has resurfaced on the web, and let's just say that his words haven't aged well.

Here's a snippet of his remarks:

"If they absolutely want Slafkovsky, then I would be willing to do it. I would take that risk. Sure, Slafkovsky can be good, I've said he's full of talent [...], but to get a good player, you have to pay." - Norman Flynn

He was referring to the Winnipeg Jets, to acquire Pierre-Luc Dubois:

"If they ask for Slafkovsky for Dubois, then I would be willing to do it 1 for 1." - Norman Flynn

See the full excerpt:

"I wouldn't have any trouble giving Slafkovsky for Pierre-Luc Dubois."

Putting these remarks back into the context of the time, Juraj Slafkovsky had suffered a significant injury, and his performance didn't suggest future stardom with just 10 points in 39 games in the Canadiens' uniform. Meanwhile, Pierre-Luc Dubois was averaging close to a point per game with the Jets. He was later traded to the Los Angeles Kings, along with signing an eight-season contract extension with an average annual salary of $8.5 million.

16 months later, we can say that the situation has changed. Juraj Slafkovsky has become a big-bodied player capable of creating space for Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki. His record of 20 goals and 50 points at 20 years old is more than promising.

On the other hand, Pierre-Luc Dubois had one of his worst seasons with the Los Angeles Kings. Fans and management are visibly frustrated with his play and offensive contribution, especially considering the high price they paid to acquire him.

It's important to qualify remarks and be patient in the development of young players. Juraj Slafkovsky is proof of that! Many fans criticized the choice of the main interest instead of the young Shane Wright. It's safe to say that they are much less vocal today.
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