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Logan Mailloux traded for a well-known forward? Proposal

Published May 15, 2024 at 3:18 PM

The Canadiens have a strong defensive prospect pool, and Logan Mailloux is at the heart of this promising group.

Indeed, the defenseman had a very impressive first season with the Laval Rocket, and he seems ready to make the jump to the NHL.

While it's often believed that the Canadiens must keep him, there are so many good defensemen in the organization that he's no longer untouchable.

Observer Marc-Olivier Beaudoin, who publishes extensively on Platform X and is generally quite credible, has just proposed an interesting trade scenario that would bring Trevor Zegras to Montreal.

"Mailloux + 1st WPG 2024 + a forward prospect among Heineman, Farrell, Kapanen. If they want a Dvorak/Anderson/Armia to 'fill the gap' left by Zegras, take one!"

The Ducks need a right-handed defenseman, and Mailloux would be the centerpiece of this return. In my opinion, even though I love Trevor Zegras, I believe this would be too steep a price to pay.

It's clear that the forward and the Ducks don't see eye-to-eye and have differing visions. Sacrificing Mailloux when the chances of having Zegras in a few years are quite good would go against Kent Hughes' long-term plan.

The Canadiens won't win right away, even with Zegras in the lineup, and probably not the following year either.

I sincerely believe that Kent Hughes would never make this type of transaction.

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Logan Mailloux traded for a well-known forward? Proposal

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