Major transaction by Kent Hughes: the Oilers are suffering greatly

David St-Jean
May 17, 2024  (11:43)

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Sometimes it's said that the best transactions are the ones that don't happen, but in this case, it's quite the opposite, and it involves the Canadiens and the Oilers.

Indeed, Connor McDavid's crew is now backed into a corner, as they lost the 5th game of the series against the Canucks, who now lead 3-2.
The reason is quite simple: the goalies aren't getting the job done. Much like the Toronto Maple Leafs, a team can have all the firepower upfront, but if the goalie doesn't make key saves, it cuts the legs out from under them.
In a very interesting article by Jean-Nicolas Blanchet of TVA Sports, it's noted that mental toughness is crucial for a goalie in the playoffs.
The Canucks have a young, inexperienced goalie who is their 3rd in the hierarchy, Arturs Silovs. However, his status doesn't end there; he has nerves of steel and does the job very well.
Conversely, Stuart Skinner and Calvin Pickard aren't doing it in Edmonton. They're quickly shaken, and the Canucks are taking advantage.
There were many rumors between the Canadiens and the Oilers involving a goalie this season. Whether it was Jake Allen, Samuel Montembeault, or Cayden Primeau, the GM in Edmonton chose to wait, given Stuart Skinner's good run. It was a serious mistake because, according to Blanchet, Skinner doesn't have the mental toughness to win in the playoffs.
If we take Samuel Montembeault, who has legendary calmness, the outcome would be very different. According to Blanchet, the Oilers would almost certainly win the Stanley Cup, or at least make it to the final.
It's important to note that the TVA Sports journalist doesn't claim that Montembeault will bring a Cup to Montreal. He claims that with firepower like the Oilers have, the goalie could lead them to great honors.
"With his temperament as calm as a frozen lake, it seems to me that Samuel Montembeault fits the profile of the goalies mentioned above. I think the Oilers, for example, would be tough to beat with him in goal. I even think he would win the cup. Yet, if the Habs hadn't given him a chance, he might be languishing from league to league." - Jean-Nicolas Blanchet

One thing is certain, Samuel Montembeault is really looking forward to playing playoff games with the Canadiens, and now that he's signed for three years, it will definitely happen.
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Major transaction by Kent Hughes: the Oilers are suffering greatly

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