2023 Draft : A development occurred and it will impact the Habs' selection

Published May 6, 2023 at 10:23

As we are just days away from the famous NHL lottery, a highly anticipated moment for hockey fans, especially for the Montreal Canadiens, an interesting development has occurred and it will have an impact on the Habs' selection.

Of course, the Canadiens still have 8.5 and 8.6% odds of securing the first or second pick in the 2023 Draft.

However, in recent weeks, a very important event for scouts took place, namely the U18 World Championship. This tournament features a majority of the top prospects who will be drafted this year or next.

Following this tournament, there are often changes in the scouts' lists, positively or negatively, depending on the performance of some young players.

One of the most accurate lists annually is that of Bob McKenzie, as it combines several scouts' lists. He has just finalized his list, with the conclusion of the U18 tournament significantly altering the top 12.

According to McKenzie, Will Smith, who was seen as a potential target for the Canadiens around the fifth or sixth pick, has moved up to third place among the top prospects, followed by Carlsson and Michkov. The Habs are unlikely to have a chance at drafting Smith, as there is a good chance he will no longer be available outside the top 3.

Based on McKenzie's assessment, the Canadiens are likely to pick Dalibor Dvorsky between 5th and 7th place, as it seems unlikely the organization will take a chance on Matvei Michkov.

Next Monday's lottery will greatly dictate the Canadiens' potential selection in the first round on June 28th.

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May 6   |   136 answers
2023 Draft : A development occurred and it will impact the Habs' selection

At the 6th pick in the draft for the Canadiens, if they are all available, who would you choose?

Dalibor Dvorsky2014.7 %
Matvei Michkov9267.6 %
Ryan Leonard85.9 %
Zach Benson1611.8 %
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