A Bombshell Regarding Matvei Michkov Has Surfaced, and it's Significant For His Selection by the Canadiens

Joe El-Khoury
May 29, 2023  (9:31)

In a blockbuster revelation that's causing a stir among Montreal Canadiens fans, critical details have emerged regarding the skilled Matvei Michkov.

Just moments ago, TVA Sports released an exclusive interview with Daniel Bochner, the Canadian assistant coach of SKA Saint Petersburg, who plays a pivotal role in player development for the organization.
One particularly gripping piece of information, according to Michkov's coach at SKA, is that upon the completion of his contract with SKA at the end of the 2025-2026 season, Michkov will be "100% free to pursue any path he chooses, including joining the National Hockey League (NHL) team that drafts him."
That's a groundbreaking development, which could massively impact his potential top-5 selection in the upcoming draft, possibly even by the Canadiens, assuming he's still available at the 5th spot.
Bochner essentially shatters the daunting theory for NHL teams that Michkov might be obliged to stick with Saint Petersburg after his contract concludes.
"Let's make something clear: SKA does not hold athletes against their will. Since my tenure with the club, Artem Zub, Vladislav Gavrikov, Alexander Barabanov, Igor Shesterkin, Artemi Panarin, Kirill Marchenko, Vasily Podkolzin, and Andrei Kuzmenko have all transitioned to the NHL at the end of their agreements. We're talking about top-tier players! I believe that when you have a strong program and one of your representatives wishes to showcase his skills against the world's best in the NHL, things naturally fall into place." - Daniel Bochner

This statement offers a reassuring outlook moving forward. It's important to note that the Russian phenom in this draft is seen as the most prodigious talent from his country since Alexander Ovechkin.
Bochner concludes by mentioning a critical fact that could be a game-changer for Michkov on the upcoming June 28th.
"People are often worried about drafting players from the KHL. But the reality is, all good Russian players end up in the NHL. I struggle to find a single star from here who hasn't made the move to North America." - Daniel Bochner

Armed with this information, straight from a key figure within the organization holding the Russian forward's rights, we hope that Kent Hughes and the Canadiens will not overlook him, citing him as a high-risk choice when there's an equally talented player available for the 5th pick.
Michkov is a generational player and the only one in this draft who can compete with the raw talent of Connor Bedard. There's no player from the 2023 draft who comes close to his potential, except for the future first choice of the Chicago Blackhawks.
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A Bombshell Regarding Matvei Michkov Has Surfaced, and it's Significant For His Selection by the Canadiens

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