A Former Scout for the Canadiens Made a Shocking Statement Concerning Matvei Michkov

Published May 12, 2023 at 8:46

A major revelation has just been made regarding the possibility of the Canadiens drafting Matvei Michkov with the fifth pick of the draft.

Artyom Telepin, who was the Tricolore's scout in Russia last season, dropped a bomb that will certainly not please CH fans. According to him, the chances of seeing Michkov in the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge uniform are 0%.


This decision could certainly haunt the organization in a few years.

"The Russian sports news site Championnat is categorical about Montreal not choosing Michkov if he is available. They refer to Artyom Telepin, who was the Canadiens' scout in Russia until last season."

Although the situation surrounding Michkov is extremely complicated, Kent Hughes can't afford to miss out on such a talented forward. He is seen by many experts as the second-best player in the 2023 class.

If Telepin's information is accurate, let's bet that many Canadiens fans will be disappointed to see the Russian slide in the draft.

Especially knowing that the forward had an exceptional season in the KHL this year. At only 18 years old, Michkov scored 9 goals and 11 assists in 27 games. Incredible stats for someone his age!

Mathias Brunet compared him to Nikita Kucherov on the airwaves of BPM Sports a few days ago:

"He's a Kucherov! Listen, his hands, his vision, and to be able to produce at his age among men in the KHL, it's amazing!"

Credit to: Habs et LNH
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A Former Scout for the Canadiens Made a Shocking Statement Concerning Matvei Michkov

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