A big gesture made on the airwaves by Jean-Charles Lajoie is getting attention and it says a lot about him

Wilson Salaun
April 13, 2023  (2:30 PM)

There are several people who like to criticize and denigrate Jean-Charles Lajoie, but today we want to highlight a gesture he made on the airwaves of BPM Sports, which really deserves to be recognized. People who know him well know how kind, friendly, and caring he is towards others.

Jean-Charles Lajoie is really attentive to others, including his listeners, and recently he gave a shining example of this.
Earlier this month, during his show on TVA Sports, Jean-Charles Lajoie used the term 'mongol' in colloquial and colorful language, but a viewer addressed him on social media to make him understand that using this word could be offensive and uncomfortable.
Lajoie responded with the following.
"You're right. We just checked. Situation like in the well-known expression and not an individual. That being said, I fully understand your sensitivity and I sincerely apologize. Have a great time at the ball, looking forward to meeting him and his amazing parents."

Looking back at what happened this morning, it's important to note that some sites and blogs severely criticized Jean-Charles Lajoie for using the word 'mongol' in previous broadcasts, but they didn't cover what happened today.
During his editorial this morning, around 7:56 am, Jean-Charles Lajoie unfortunately reused that word, but he immediately corrected himself upon realizing his mistake.
"(There is) a completely mongol (atmosphere in Laval right now). Wrong term. A completely crazy atmosphere. Sorry for the term."

Jean-Charles Lajoie immediately thought of the message he received from one of his listeners earlier this month and was mindful of his use of the word 'mongol' during his editorial this morning. This proves that contrary to what some may think, he is attentive to his audience.
Furthermore, it's important to note that his show is live, which adds a certain pressure and can make mistakes more likely. Despite this, Jean-Charles Lajoie made a point to apologize immediately and on-air after realizing his mistake. This gesture shows his honesty and responsibility as a public figure.
It's true that some well-known personalities and broadcasters may not be as attentive to their audience's reactions and may not care as much about the words they use. However, in this specific case, Jean-Charles Lajoie showed that he was sensitive to his audience's concerns and took his responsibilities as a public figure seriously.
To listen to the clip, simply click HERE.
The event we previously discussed occurred at 1 hour and 55 minutes into the show.
While Jean-Charles Lajoie has his flaws, like everyone else, it is important to note that he listens to his audience and constantly tries to adjust to satisfy as many people as possible.
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A big gesture made on the airwaves by Jean-Charles Lajoie is getting attention and it says a lot about him

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