A draft mistake makes the Canadiens look very bad, and it concerns the Quebecer Jordan Dumais

Elias Edmonson
September 17, 2023  (10:14)

So far, more than a year later, the 2022 harvest of the Montreal Canadien seems promising, with the additions of Juraj Slafkovsky, Owen Beck, and Lane Hutson in the first two rounds.

In the third round, the organization had two picks to make. At the 75th spot, the management chose forward Vinzenz Rohrer and at the 92nd spot, it was defenseman Adam Engstrom who joined the CH.
Four spots later, Quebec forward Jordan Dumais heard his name at the 96th spot, with the Columbus Blue Jackets. At that point, many Tricolore fans were bewildered that a talent like him slipped so far into the third round, and moreover, the Canadien snubbed him on two occasions.
Although it's too early to judge the selections of Rohrer and Engstrom, especially since the defenseman showed very promising things last year, it must be said that the refusal to choose Dumais already seems to be making Kent Hughes and his team look bad.
After accumulating an incredible record of 39 goals and 109 points in 68 games at the time of his draft, the Montreal native stepped up the pace at an impressive rate, concluding his last campaign with 54 goals and 140 points. This was an unseen offensive production since 2006 in the QMJHL, when a certain Alexander Radulov totaled 61 goals and 152 points.
Currently at the Jackets' rookie camp, Dumais continues to impress the team's management. After a harvest of two goals in his first rookie tournament game, he literally exploded during the second encounter, with a harvest of six points, including two more nets.
It will be necessary to remain patient with the development of the two young players chosen by the Canadien before Dumais, but it must be said that it hurts extremely to see a Quebecer with elite offensive touch make waves, when he could have been selected by the organization twice during the third round.
Although I understand that his skating and his small frame of 5 feet 9 inches may have cooled the Canadien's recruiters, it must be said that a selection as late as the end of the third round for him was an absolutely obligatory gamble to take in my eyes.
This is a possible non-selection that risks hurting the organization very badly in the years to come.
Here are his goals from yesterday:
A draft mistake makes the Canadiens look very bad, and it concerns the Quebecer Jordan Dumais

Are you disappointed that the Canadiens let slip an undeniable Quebec offensive talent in the third round like Jordan Dumais?

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